Little Love Midwifery LLC

Little Love Midwifery LLC

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About Us

Little Love Midwifery is a homebirth practice that was established in 2021 by the primary midwife Amorette (Amy) Embrey.

Amy has been in birth work since 2016. She has a passion for supporting families through the pregnancy and birthing journey. Her passion was ignited when she had her third child with a midwife. She knew that the world needed more supportive and caring providers.

She received her formal education through the Association of Texas Midwifes and shortly after passed her state licensure. She then became a certified professional midwife.

Little Love Midwifery is looking forward to serving the community through providing education, support, counsel, and friendship through your journey. Because ''A little love goes a long way....''


Big sister was happy to help with newborn assessment!
Prenatal visits are a great time to educate on how the doppler works.
Turning a man and wife into Mom and Dad.
Having a laugh with Mom as I listen to baby's heartrate!
Honored to have walked this journey twice with this family.
Physical and verbal support is imperative to good labor outcomes.
Holding babies is a perk of the job!
Newborn assessment.
Teaching big brother and sister how their baby brother travels through the birth canal!