Whitestone Printing
Job Description
We are looking for a highly qualified individual for our marketing team. Our goal is to help our clients market their company both in the printed and promotional world. We are seeking someone who is a self starter and has the ability to work on their own. Another important skill for the job is having great social skills, allowing you to make both cold calls on the phone to clients and potential clients as well as being able to be at a social event and creating new relationships. A strong attention to detail and accuracy ARE A MUST. You must be able to work independently and prioritize duties with minimal supervision. Someone who is flexible when it comes to scheduling and has the ability to adjust rapidly to changing requirements. Basic P.C. computer skills in Word, Excel, Internet, and email are required.
Another skill that is needed is “thinking outside the box”. Listening to clients/prospects needs and creating a solution for them.
The territory that will be your responsibility with be Montgomery County as well as surrounding counties.
We participate in multiple networking environments. We recommend attending these to promote the company, yourself, and to build on our established relationships as well as creating new relationships. Our vision and what our current clients appreciate about us is our ability to provide a valuable service of helping clients meet their marketing needs in a timely fashion.
If interested, please send your resume to
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